Visiting the Sinagoga’s

On the way back to Livingston, TX from the Family Motorcoach Rally in Minot, ND, we stopped for a couple of nights near Pawnee City, NE to visit some long-time friends who retired there from Bullhead City, AZ.

Larry and Nancy Sinagoga own nearly 100 acres just outside of town. Larry built a beautiful home on a hill and spends a lot of his time caring for the property. This year, he is growing soy beans on the land in front of the house. When he’s not farming, Larry volunteers with the local fire department and sits on the board of the bank. Nancy spends a lot of her time caring for a lavish vegetable garden, and is even growing loofah! When not gardening, she volunteers her time helping out a variety of organizations.

We stayed one night with the Sinagogas in their guest room. The next morning, Larry drove us around his property – it’s quite beautiful. All the work he’s put into the place over the past 10 years or so certainly shows. Then Larry and Jimmy enjoyed Bloody Mary’s and golf in Larry’s “Man Cave” (which also contains Nancy’s “She-Shed” section). While the boys were enjoying the golf simulator, Nancy and I visited the Historical Society. I really enjoyed seeing the buildings and artifacts, mostly due to my connection to Bullhead City’s “Little Red Schoolhouse”.

Later that day, we piled into the Sinagoga’s truck and visited a couple of local wineries. The first one we visited was in a nearby town. The winery/restaurant was located in a furniture store. Quite a unique experience, and good wine! The next stop was a winery located closer to Pawnee City. We enjoyed a wine tasting, and purchased a bottle of “Women Gone Wine” The contents were pretty good, but I simply couldn’t resist the name 🙂

That evening, we enjoyed dinner with more long-time friends from Bullhead City – Chuck Rathbun, Dennis Husa and Heidi Koster. However, we had so much fun catching up, nobody took any photos, much to my dismay!

All in all, it was a great visit….even though it was much too short!

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Sinagoga’s

  1. What a lovely stop on your journey.. I don’t know if the Sinagoga’s would remembber me or not. But they are a wonderful couple, I wondered where they went as I lost touch with everyone. Once again, I want to tell you how much your blog interests me. It makes me laugh and cry. God keep you both safe and well. Gail Stewart


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