At Home in Livingston, TX

While in the US, our home base is the Escapee’s “Rainbow’s End” campground in Livingston, TX, about an hour or so northeast of Houston. We signed up about three years ago to acquire one of the extremely limited long-term lease lots. In January of this year, we were notified that we finally had moved up to the number one spot and a lot became available.

The lot has a couple of trees and a storage shed. We spent time over the summer fixing up the shed to hold some clothes, tools, and most important…a hobby area for my paints, hand lettering and calligraphy supplies. We enjoy watching the frequent rain and thunderstorms that roll through the area from the shed’s doorway.

We’ve made some friends here in the Park, who also reside in one of the long-term lease lots, nearby. Pam and Dale have been extremely helpful to us in making sure we’re on the Park email list, and showing us around the area. They took us to a local restaurant for lunch one day. The Pickett House only serves fried chicken meals, family-style and is in an historical building, with a museum on the grounds. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the grounds and most importantly, the company.

We first met when Pam was walking their adorable dog Pepper. Of course Jim bonded immediately with Pepper, and the bag of doggie meatballs certainly helped. He’s one of the smartest dogs we’ve met, and is full of personality. I’m glad he’s accepted us into his “circle of trust.”

Soon we met Dale, and with more bonding over whiskey and cigars, the friendship was cemented. Dale and Jim enjoy spending an occasional evening enjoying solving the ills of the world and trading stories.

Livingston, and the surrounding area, is typical small town in southeast Texas. The culture is completely different from other areas we’ve lived. People, even teenagers, are respectful…”yes ma’am” and ” no ma’am” are commonly heard at the grocery store, restaurants and anywhere we’ve visited. We fit right in and quickly became very comfortable here.

The pies are amazing!!

A retired Sheriff opened his own barbecue restaurant, and his barbecue is some of the very best around. However, it’s really hard to choose – there’s a lot of really, really great barbecue in the area. We saw the trailer in the lower left photo as a carnival was packing up after several days in the area. Jimmy thought he might have a new career.

And finally, the last photo in the above grouping is of our “Mudbugs and Margaritgas” dinner we had at a local Mexican restaurant. Crawfish are definitely a local delicacy, and only available when in season. It takes about three pounds for the two of us to actually have a meal…they’re very small.

We’re very happy with our adopted hometown and look forward to spending more time here, in between our adventures on the road in the RV and our visits to our “Slice of Heaven” in Panama.

4 thoughts on “At Home in Livingston, TX

  1. I enjoy your travels and stops. What a lovely lifestyle. Lonnie and I are not quite as active and we are looking at Retirement Communities. I’m enjoying looking at different communities in the areas we’ve picked. We are definitely downsizing. Almost every trip to town involves donating to St Vincent or Salvation Army. Keep up the wonderful blog. Gail


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