Carnival 2019 and Feria Internacional Azuero

Jim and I decided to venture into Las Tablas during Carnival 2019, a few weeks ago. Even though it was only 9:30 in the morning, the streets were packed with vendors and people.

Las Tablas hosts the second largest celebration of Carnival in Central America. We enjoyed our morning Mojitos while strolling around, people watching. One of the main events of Carnival is the parade of floats around the town square. This parade continues for several hours every evening, and is very crowded, literally shoulder-to-shoulder. Although our visit wasn’t during the evening, the floats are simply beautiful. Here’s what they look like early in the morning.

Another key part of the Carnival celebration is the “Coleco”. The weather is very hot and dry during the Carnival. Large water trucks spray the crowd with water periodically throughout the day, as the crowd dances, shouting for more. Adults and children alike are heavily armed with squirt guns and water cannons soaking everyone walking by. Once we were suitably soaked and full of street vendor food, we decided to head back to our “Slice of Heaven”.

Another celebration nearby our “Slice of Heaven” is the annual “Feria Internacional de Azuero”. The Feria is very similar to State Fairs in the US. There were displays of agricultural tractors, arts and crafts, furniture, clothing, carnival rides and games….and of course food and drink. We were lucky enough to go to the Feria on a Saturday night with some good friends we’ve met while in Panama, William Jaen and his wife Xiomara. We all had a great time. Here are some photos of the evening (Jim’s favorite is the photo of the ice cream machine in the upper right). We returned to the Feria yesterday and bought the corner shelf unit in the last photo.

Jimmy’s Corner

We have just three weeks left in this visit to our “Slice of Heaven”, until we return this Fall. Hopefully, we’ll have another adventure or two to post before we leave, so stay tuned.

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