Beaches Near our Slice of Heaven

We are about 5 miles (as the crow flies) or so from the Pacific Ocean and enjoy running over to the closest beach, Playa El Uverito, once or twice a week. The map below shows Casa De McCabe in relation to Playa El Uverito and our favorite restaurant there, Rincon Del Faro. Thanks to Mayling McGowen for introducing us to that particular establishment over a decade ago.

El Uverito is popular with the locals, particularly on Sunday afternoons. There are several shade shelters that are rented by the day, and they fill up rapidly. As you can see in the photo below, Panamanians are very resourceful people. This particular guy took advantage of driftwood to construct his own shade!

Seashells are plentiful on El Uverito, and my collection continues to grow (much to Jim’s dismay at the “clutter”). I’ve been displaying the shells in a variety of ways and even made a seashell windchime for the patio.

Our friend, William Jaen, owns property on El Uverito, although at the opposite end from Rincon Del Faro. While primitive, this “fishing camp” is an absolutely wonderful place to spend a day fishing, shelling and generally relaxing.

Other nearby areas include the fishing village of Pedasi and world-class surfing at Playa Venao. Jim, William and a friend visiting from Arizona recently went fishing in Pedasi. While the fishing wasn’t so good that day, they made some great memories. One of the stories that continues to be re-told was when our friend made a cast and declared the fishing rod and reel were malfunctioning. In reality, a bird had swooped down and caught the lure and flew away with it. They managed to catch the bird, remove the lure, then release the bird and watch while it flew away unharmed.

We continue to be satisfied with our choice of location for our Panamanian paradise. There are other areas of the country more popular with ex-pats and we really enjoy visiting them. However, nothing is better than coming home and sitting outside on our new back patio. Nearly every evening, we enjoy the ocean breezes, sometimes a cocktail, along with a good book. Life is good!

6 thoughts on “Beaches Near our Slice of Heaven

  1. Wonderful pics! I want a wind chime like yours when you have time! It’s beautiful. Does it really make a loud noise? Or is it peaceful? Didn’t know you were that close to the ocean! That’s just awesome.


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