Galveston – Part II

Hello everyone! Long time no post…sorry about that. Both Jim and I have been ill since before Christmas. We’re both feeling better now, so this will be a fairly long chat in order to catch up on our adventures.

As planned, we spent the month of December on the beach at Galveston Island, TX. We took a five-day cruise Dec 10-15, and came home with the “Crud” – congestion, cough, fever, and laryngitis for me. We spent most of our time attempting to recuperate, and unfortunately didn’t get to do any of the sightseeing we’d planned. However, I did manage to get in some “shelling” time.

My brother, Russ Gardner, his wife Virgia, and their 15-year-old granddaughter, Breanna, arrived in Galveston on Friday, Dec 28, along with my niece, Emily Brown, her husband Chad and their 11-year-old son, Jake Brown. We were very excited to spend the weekend with them and planned to show them around the island. Because of our illness, plans changed to simply spending some really awesome quality time “shelling” and hanging out at the RV Resort’s Clubhouse. We did manage to hit the Historic District downtown on the Strand one afternoon.

The quality time at the Clubhouse is my favorite memory of that weekend. I do love my family and was very sorry that my big sister, Marsha Parker, couldn’t make it as planned. However, we had a great dinner consisting of ham sandwiches, deviled eggs and several bottles…including moonshine eggnog 🙂

We left Galveston on Jan 3 for the short two-hour drive back to home base in Livingston, TX. We spent the time taking it easy, running errands and generally preparing for our trip to Panama for three and a half months.

We are now in Panama, settling in again to our slice of heaven. This trip’s focus is on the backyard, setting up the outdoor kitchen, plants, etc. We’ve been here four days – three of them have been spent in the hammocks 🙂 The house is beautiful, and the backyard is nearly complete. More about the whole remodel in the next post…I promise!

3 thoughts on “Galveston – Part II

  1. Just loved the post! Glad you’re finally over the crud as you called it. Pics are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Love ya both!


  2. Lisa and Jim, this sounds so wonderful, except for the “crud”. I enjoy your blog so much. God keep you safe in all your adventures.


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