Carnival Cruise to Mexico

While in Galveston this Spring, we saw a cruise ship arrive. The passengers looked like they were having so much fun, we were inspired to book a 5-day Mexican cruise for December.

We had a boarding appointment at 11:30 am Monday, December 10. Carnival definitely has people moving down to a science. It seemed that within minutes we were being greeted with “welcome cocktails” (for which we were charged!) Because we had a suite, our bags were expedited, as was our boarding experience. Once on the ship, we explored a bit and found our room was ready for us….early.

I love these critters – a different one waited for us every day

The ship was beautifully decorated for Christmas – here’s just a few of the photos.

Tuesday was a “fun day at sea” while the ship sailed through the Gulf of Mexico on its way to Cozumel. We thoroughly enjoyed all the amenities the ship had to offer…particularly the bars and the restaurants (the casino was fun too). Our friends from Ohio, Bill and Stacey Atterbury were great travel companions. Bill and Jimmy played a bit of poker – Stacey and I enjoyed the bathtubs in our respective suites. Later in the day Jim and I joined the group playing Bingo…and the live Clue game was a hoot!

The third day found us docked in Cozumel. We all went ashore, just for lunch and a stop at the Mexican Farmacia. After lunch, Jim and I returned to the ship while Bill and Stacey stayed on shore. Jim and I explored the upper decks and discovered the Arcade. There was a really awesome virtual reality monster chasing-type of game that requires participants to sit in the machine and wear goggles. After we tried, unsuccessfully, to play the game, we decided to continue our exploration of the ship. However, while dismounting from the game, my sandal got caught…and down I went. Those of you who know me won’t be surprised to learn that I broke my third toe….again….heavy sigh.

The next day we docked in Progreso, Mexico…near Cancun. Jim and I decided to not go ashore and spent our time enjoying the ship (along with the beverage package we purchased). Bill and Stacy went shopping in town. They told us they got on a bus at the pier which then took them into the shopping district. Stacey said they had fun and even found the ceramic house numbers I wanted for our house in Panama. What a nice surprise!!

After departing Progreso, the weather got really stormy – high wind and choppy sea. Stacey had given me a seasick patch when we first boarded and it really worked well. However, they don’t last five days. Stacy and I, along with I’m guessing about 50% of the other passengers were feeling queasy and stayed in our rooms most of the day. The ship was rocking so much that the partition separating our balcony from the next suite broke loose and was making quite a racket. The furniture then began to slide back and forth between the two balconies, until we called someone to come fix it.

The rocking ship lasted throughout the last night….and made it miserable trying to sleep. However, debarkation the next morning was a breeze….even easier than embarkation. Carnival Cruise Lines has been doing this a while…and it shows. All in all, it was a great cruise – the right amount of fun mixed with equal parts of relaxation. We are now back at the Sandpiper RV Resort on the beach in Galveston, where we will spend the rest of December. Watch for more postings coming soon.

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