Cambutal Getaway

Cambutal.8Our second “getaway from construction” was to the beach area of Cambutal, on the very tip of the Azuero Peninsula.  An incredibly beautiful two-hour drive over the mountains and down to the coast, we made it without any mishaps. The photos simply don’t do justice to the incredible beauty of this country.  (Note the herd of cattle we encountered 🙂 )

Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort:sansara sign

For this adventure, we chose Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort because they advertised “adults over 14 only”.

Being my first experience at a yoga retreat, I was a bit apprehensive that the restaurant wouldn’t serve meat, but that fear was allayed as soon as we arrived.  The food was exquisite!!

Our suite was right on the beach, with it’s own patio – separated from the rest of the hotel by a series of steps, both up and down.  In fact, it was quite a trek to the restaurant/bar…and Jimmy had a mishap on one of the stairs the first night.  All is well, but I was fairly certain at the time that he broke something.  Then I remembered he’s agile….I’m the one in the family who breaks bones when I fall.  The room had a fully stocked mini bar and fridge, and the beach access was unsurpassed.20180909_1339351758035515.jpg20180909_133928343340593.jpg20180909_133951524493789.jpg20180909_133612.jpg

I went on a series of “treasure hunts” looking for seashells to add to my collection from local beaches.  However, every time I reached for one of the beautiful seashells that were scattered about….it moved.  Seems all the shells I saw were occupied by hermit crabs, and there were a TON of them. I found several incredibly beautiful stones, polished by the waves, and a fully intact sand dollar. I saved some of the black sand and am working on displaying these “treasures”.

While Jim relaxed in the hammock,

I took my very first yoga class.  While my flexibility isn’t the greatest, I really enjoyed the class, and plan to keep up with the stretching exercises.  I also …had the very best massage ever, right on the beach, with a gentle rain falling and the sound of the ocean in the background.  I think I may have snored a little….

We thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in the bar/lounge/pool area and spent considerable time there over the three days (when we weren’t relaxing in our suite).

We went on a tour of a nearby sea turtle sanctuary.  While this tour wasn’t nearly the adventure we experienced a few years ago when we went to Isla Canas, it was really educational and very enjoyable.  We met the tour leaders, a couple from Spain, at a nearby resort (with really great pizza!) about 7:30 p.m.

They drove us about 20 minutes, across a river (that I wouldn’t have crossed on foot), to a beach.  The night was incredibly dark with no moon and stars obscured by clouds.  We could barely see each other, much less where we were walking.  Thanks to the tour leaders, we met up with some locals who manage the nursery.  Our little group then split up – we headed up the beach with the tour leaders and the “community people” headed down the beach, all in search of turtles coming ashore.  After about an hour or so of walking, we called it a night.  The only thing we saw were several crabs scurrying sideways along the sand, probably in search of baby turtles, just like us. (The photo is in red light since we didn’t want to disturb any wildlife with bright white flashlights)Then the tour guides took us to the turtle nursery.  They have over 600 nests ready to hatch, with approximately 70-90 eggs per nest.  That’s a lot of baby turtles!! Unfortunately, only about 10% survive their first few months due to natural predators.

What a wonderful getaway!  Even when it rained, it was absolutely beautiful!

I can’t wait until our next adventure…

3 thoughts on “Cambutal Getaway

  1. Lisa, you could be a travel writer with the wonderful descriptions you write. If I ever get a chance to travel, I’m using your blog as a jump off point.


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