Home Sweet Home


Livingston, Texas is an absolutely wonderful place to call our new home.  Located about an hour northeast of Houston, and near a HUGE lake, the town has everything we were looking for.  However, as the photo says…”home is where you park it” when you’re a full-timer.  Thank you to Emily Brown for this “next-best-thing-to-a-mother” day present.



We spent three glorious weeks in our new  hometown, preparing for putting everything we own in storage and heading to Panama for three months.

Livingston has everything we want or need, including a regular Farmers Market, yard eggs and much more.  The photos below are of just one portion of Lake Livingston, and some shots of Matthews Street Park, near downtown.

The weather in East Texas is typically hot and HUMID…you can actually see the water in the air.  I took these photos on one of my daily walks:

We had some great food and drink while there.  We couldn’t pass up Florida’s BBQ – and her buttermilk pie is simply to die for.  We visited The Wet Deck, and several Mexican restaurants pursuing Jimmy’s secondary quest for the best margarita in Texas.

Finally, we were ready and put our home in storage, along with the GMC Canyon pickup truck, motorcycle trailer (and motorcycle) and headed to Panama.  More posts coming later.

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