Vicksburg, Shreveport and a BEAR!!

EntrysignMainWe left Red Bay, AL and drove to Vicksburg, MS where we stayed for two nights.  What a beautiful, historic town.  We toured the Vicksburg National Military Park and learned more about the Battle of Vicksburg.  Then headed downtown to do a bit of shopping, and relaxed at a rooftop restaurant.  Unfortunately it was raining, so the view was obscured, but lovely.  I didn’t take any photos because they just didn’t do the place justice.

Here are some photos of over 1300 plaques and monuments placed throughout the Military Park.  A really awe-inspiring experience and well worth a trip.

We left Vicksburg for an easy drive to Shreveport, LA (actually Bossier City) to stay another two nights at Diamond Jack’s Casino and RV Park.  Driving along westbound I-20, we were amused by this sign:Bear crossing (2)Then…we saw a live bear!!  Really and truly…along the side of the freeway.   I didn’t believe Jim when he burst out “BEAR!” But he was telling the truth (just like he does when he tells about the Florida Panther he encountered).

The bear was standing on his hind legs looking at traffic.  Just as I started to fumble for my camera, he dropped down to all fours and ran away.  I then googled bears in Louisiana and learned that our sighting was quite common – it was a Louisiana Black Bear whose habitat is along the Mississippi River valley, and northeast Louisiana – exactly right where we were driving.

I copied this image from Google – it looks just like the one we saw…louisiana-black-bear

We arrived in Vicksburg, and visited Diamond Jack’s as well as the Horseshoe Casinos.  We head out tomorrow for our “home base” in Livingston, TX.  Stay tuned for those postings.

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