Family – Part Two

Hello everyone It’s been a while since my last post.  I had oral surgery that didn’t go so well, and then discovered I was allergic to the topical medicine provided.  It’s taken several weeks to get to a point where I feel somewhat normal again.

In any case….update on the end of our two weeks in Sedalia, MO.  I love my family!!  Aunt Pat and Uncle Wayne made the drive from KC to Sedalia on Friday.  imagejpeg_01903411166.jpgI laughed, giggled, and had so much fun, I neglected to take any photos.  We were slightly late getting to the restaurant.  Here’s a photo I received via text from Aunt Pat letting me know they were already there and waiting….

Did I mention she’s my favorite aunt…and the one who taught me to be the “fun” aunt? I’ve been proud to carry on the legacy – here’s the next generation:


The next day, my oldest sister, Marsha Parker, also made the drive to Sedalia to join us for lunch.  She’s the oldest sibling – I’m the youngest.  Marsha and me - Sedalia, MO 2018Catching up on each other’s lives, I realized that I really do love my family!!  I managed to remember to take a photo to commemorate our visit.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed Sedalia, MO.  Stay tuned for our next adventure – Red Bay, AL

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