RV Boot Camp

Jim and I signed up for this RV Boot Camp last December, when we’d only been living in the RV for about a month. There were/are soooo many things we needed to learn and this Booth Camp seemed perfect.

It is perfect! It’s two and a half days of hearing from experts on topics like “RV Systems – electronics and water and more”. There was “How to drive Your RV” and ” Staying connected to the Internet” and Jim’s favorite: Maintenance đŸ™‚

There were about 75-100 or so attendeeds at the Boot Camp, and we met some really nice folks at the Friday night “supper”….we shared a bottle of wine that Jim and I brought. The Boot Camp concluded Saturday afternoon and the opening ceremonies for the Escapade started on Sunday.

We listened to the history of the Escapades, and a tribute to the founders of Escapee’s RV Club. then the highlight of the evening was being entertained by Bill Lepp…who was introduced as the winner of the West Virginia Liar’s Contest. What a great story teller! Jimmy got some really good tips. Here’s a link to just one of his videos on You Tube: https://youtu.be/6hbarAW1Vxg


We both graduated with flying colors!! Here’s a photo of my new name tag (after Jimmy put my tag together, he hasn’t yet tackled his).

Stay tuned for Escapade posts coming soon!

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