Champagne Brunch, A Cave Tour and more

Today’s adventure took place at the Top of the Rock. We started out with a delicious champagne brunch, and oh what a view! Again, photos don’t do it justice.

A quick shuttle ride to the Welcome Center, another gift shop (poor Jimmy) and we found the Cave Tour. It’s a very unique concept…each group gets its own golf cart to explore at their leisure. A short drive along a beautiful, scenic golf cart path brought us to the entrance where John the bartender stood ready to greet us.

Too bad Jimmy was in the driving mode again…NO STOPPING!

On into the cave…waterfalls, stalagmites and stalactites and all those other really cool formations commonly seen in caves. We kept expecting to see a dragon, but only heard one…watch the video below.

The drive back up to the Welcome Center was again some of the most scenic country in the U S

We made a quick tour of the Wine Cellar (it didnt open until 5pm)


And the Museum

Before heading home.

One final stop at the Buzzard Bar, near the Devil’s Pool at Big Cedar Lodge. We’d visited this place several years ago, and stayed in a cabin at Christmas time with Larry and Nancy Sinagoga, so it brought back some great memories. Here’s a photo of the waterfall into the Devil’s Pool.20180513_142532506159493.jpg Stay tuned for the next adventure

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