Long and Winding Road


We packed up and left Livingston, TX headed to Branson, MO. We spent one night on the road, dry camping at the Walmart in Texarkana, TX.

The next morning, we hit the road bright and early. Wow what a road! Of course, the photos don’t do it justice. While it was an incredibly beautiful, scenic drive, it was also a white knuckler, e-ticket ride.

We ended up driving our 42 foot RV, towing the GMC Canyon pickup truck on narrow , two-lane mountain roads with frequent hairpin turns and steep downgrades. It was quite an experience for newbie big-rig driver Jimmy, but he handled it like a pro – until the minor freak out when we hit the “86 Bridge”.SAM_3341.jpg

We finally pulled into the Ozarks Luxury RV Resort just before the office closed for the day. I’ll let the photos show just how beautiful the Resort is.  We’ll be here for two weeks, so stay tuned for more adventures.


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