Sunday Drive

We took off in the truck (due to inclement weather, the bike stayed in the trailer) to explore our new “home”.  We took a turn down an interesting road, and then another turn and so on, until…


We kept seeing signs for the Casinos in Lake Charles and figured what the heck….so we drove the extra 30 minutes or so to the first casino we saw.  The Isle of Capri is a paddlewheel boat, permanently docked on the Lake.  Jimmy went off to the Poker room, and I hit the penny slots.20180427_130140.jpg

After a few hours, (and cocktails), we checked into the hotel.  I hit the gift shop for toothbrushes and other essentials and then we went to dinner and gamed some more.  The next morning, we were awakened by the hotel room phone ringing.  “Hello my name is Crystal and I’m your Casino Host.  I wanted to welcome you to the Isle of Capri and let you know your room is comped.  Will you be staying tonight too?”  Uh oh….a sure sign we really had a good time 🙂

However, we declined Crystal’s offer and headed back home.  I drove so that we could make a stop or two and really explore.  (It must be a gender-thing with all men….they MUST drive from Point A to Point B with no deviations)

We stopped at the Big Thickett National Park,

which I learned, is as close to a swamp as I ever want to get.  Jimmy relaxed on the porch, while I hit the gift shop.

Back in the car, we got a text from Crystal inviting us back the following weekend for a VIP dinner and a game called “Draw Down”.  It sounded like a hoot, so we said yes.

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