Isle Of Capri – Part Two

We packed an overnight bag for this trip to Lake Charles, and it was much more comfortable.  We arrived around Noon, but were unable to check in until after 3pm.  A bit miffed, because after all, Crystal invited us, we checked our bags at the Bell Desk and called Uber to take us to see the Golden Nugget.


It’s truly a beautiful property, and very large.  However, the machines took most of our gaming budget in the first 30 minutes, so we weren’t very impressed.  We “ubered” back to the Isle of Capri, and finally were able to check in.  The rooms are all “Junior Suites” with really large bathtubs…something I really miss in the RV.  Here’s the view from our room – it’s the I-10 bridge across Lake Charles20180427_175125.jpg

We both had fun Friday night…again Jimmy in the Poker Room and me in “Penny Heaven”.  I won a little bit, so that made it even more fun.

The “Hoopla” (as Jimmy calls it) was Saturday evening.  We had to pick up our tickets at the slot club prior to 7pm and then were told to be there around 6pm to stand in line and make sure we got a seat.  That’s all really odd to me…we should have had a welcome packet at the front desk, and guaranteed seats, but I guess they do things differently in Louisiana.

As we entered the 70’s themed event, we were each given an oversized playing card. Jimmy’s was red – mine was black.  Jimmy entertained our dinner companions by constantly telling me to leave his card alone.  I asked him, sweetly, to go get us a couple glasses of wine.  While he was gone, I passed his card around the table, and insisted everyone become my accomplices in aggravating Jimmy.  They were all good natured enough to play along by touching his card and then bragging about it when he returned to the table.

After dinner, the emcee (who was dressed in the most hideous green paisley silk shirt I’ve ever seen) drew a card.  It happened to be black, so everyone with a black card card, including me, were instructed to come up to the stage and draw another card.  Black on the left and Red on the right.  This time I held a red card and was eliminated.  The game continued on until the last 10 people were standing.  They could then decide amongst themselves to split the $10,000 prize or play down to one last person who won the whole $10,000.  I don’t know what the final decision was, as we left right after I was eliminated.

It was all in all a very fun weekend…we both walked away winners…not very much, but better than losing.  Crystal sent us invitations for two future events – a cigar dinner one weekend and a whiskey giveaway the next weekend.  I hope we will be able to return to the Isle sometime soon, but we’re off to Branson tomorrow, followed by the Escapee’s “Escapade” in Sedalia, MO and then the pilgramage to “Mecca” – otherwise called Red Bay, AL where Tiffins are manufactured.

Stay tuned for more adventures…

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