On Safari with the Robinsons

While at our home base at the Escapee’s RV Resort in Livingston, TX, we met some really wonderful people parked next door.  Judi and Omar Robinson spend six months on the road and six months in Tucson.  I was outside, rearranging our “space” when Judi stopped over.

As it turns out, I believe Judi and I are each other’s “spirit animals”. We have so much in common, right down to the design on our toes!  Jim and Omar were much the 20180424_100310.jpgsame, bonding over whiskey and cigars.  The Robinson’s shared several cans of beer from their brewery (now operated by the kids), and it is YUMMY!!  If anyone is ever in Indiana, it’s worth a trip to the Sun King Brewery.

We had so much fun that first evening , we all decided to go to breakfast the next day at the Whistle Stop Cafe in downtown Livingston.

courthouse whistle stopThe Courthouse Whistle Stop Cafe is located right across the street from the Courthouse and is an historic place with the best food!

We then piled into the Robinson’s car and headed to Grapeland Safari, about an hour from Livingston.  What a great experience!  We were told to get there as close to 9 am as possible, but not told why.

Grapeland Safari is a drive-thru exotic animal park with zebras, camels, llamas, water buffalo, deer and much more. Once you pay admission, you can also buy pellets of food in an attempt to attract the animals to your car for better photo opps.  Of course, Jimmy provided 5 gallon buckets of pellets for each of us.  Along with the bucket was a plastic cup to be used as a scoop so we wouldn’t have to take a chance of an over-zealous animal biting our fingers instead of the food.

Once we arrived, we realized 9 am is feeding time.  We were the first car into the park, and the animals were VERY anxious to have their breakfast.


We had no trouble attracting them to the car at all!  In fact, we had to roll up the windows to keep them from drooling all over you.  I thought the camel pictured here  was going to jump into the backseat with Jimmy.  We also got “stampeded” several different times throughout our drive by the herds of deer.

A HUGE thank you to Omar for driving so the rest of us could really enjoy ourselves. If you ever find yourself in the area, this is definitly worth a stop.

Following are a few photos of the adventure that bothy Judi and I took.


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