Moody Gardens – Galveston

We had several adventures during our two weeks in Galveston.  A highlight was definitely our visit to Moody Gardens.  Quoting the brochure ” Moody Gardens is a public, non-profit educational destination utilizing nature in the advancement of rehabilitation, conservation, recreation and research”.

To quote Jimmy, “it was a Hoot!”

We unknowingly arrived in the middle of an Iron Man race with literally thousands of participants.  Due to the road closures, etc, we had our steps in before we started the walking tour, but we eventually made it to the Admission Gate.

We ventured into the Rainforest pyramid first and were immediately transported into the jungles of the world….not the least of which was the Panamanian rainforest

Then we ventured under the sea in the Aquarium Pyramid.  I was completely enchanted with the seahorses!!  Here are just a few photos from the day.20180408_150638.jpg

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