Tall Ships

When planning our trip to Galveston, Jim came across the opportunity to enjoy Galveston’s first “Tall Ships Festival” (you all are familiar with the scope of Jimmy’s superlative planning skills)Tall Ships - About

We were lucky enough to secure two tickets to sail on the Oliver Hazard Perry during the “Parade of Sails” on the first day of the Festival.  What an incredible experience!

The “OHP” is a sailing school vessel.  There are full time professional sailors, as well as students, and even a volunteer or two.  It’s home port is Newport, Rhode Island.  The crew were very friendly and strongly encouraged to interact with us guests.  Some of their stories were very interesting….one showed off his tatoo of a nautical compass on his bicep….

Watching the crew scramble up and down the masts, and working together to raise sails was a once in a lifetime experience.  Guests were strongly encouraged to pitch in with raising and lowering the sails.  The Captain actually was shouting “heave” and the group of people on the rope shouted “ho” as they worked together to raise the main sail.

We boarded about 10 am and returned to the dock at 4:30 p.m.  The weather was perfect!  The pictures don’t do justice to the day, but here are a few.


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