Escapee’s RV Resort – Livingston, TX

Jim and I flew to Texas a couple of years ago to check out the area, and in particular the Escapee’s Park. We’ve been working on this retirement Plan for many years….

We fell in love with Livingston and decided to make it our home base.  The Escapee’s club offers a mail forwarding service, so no matter where we go, we’ll be able to receive our mail..(very little anymore since I gave up my beloved catalogs with things I never bought, but enjoyed looking at)

Clubhouse escapees

This club and park have nearly everything you’d want or need.  There’s an Activity Center, Park Office, Escapee’s Club’s national offices and a great Club house.

The Escapee’s Club offer a CARE program and adjacent facility for when the time comes later in life when mobility becomes an issue.

Welcome to TX


Everyone is so friendly and down to earth here.  There’s a group of people who get together for nearly every hobby imaginable…even a HAM radio operators club.





Of course the Park is beautiful…

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