The First Official Road Trip

20180319_193342.jpgAfter staying in Las Vegas two days later than planned (due to bad weather along  our route) we finally hit the road.  Jim driving the RV, towing the motorcycle trailer and me driving our GMC Canyon pickup truck.

The photo shows the condition of our closet after driving on I-40.  Note that the closet rod is still there…the hangers “jumped” off the rod due to the roughness of the road.

The first night was our first “dry camping” experience in the parking lot at Twin Arrows Casino just east of Flagstaff.  What a nice casino, and very hospitable to RV’s and Big Rigs staying the night.  Good food, good gaming and a good night’s sleep.

New Mexico signThe next two nights were spent hooked up at the Route 66 Casino RV Resort just outside of Albuquerque.  OMG…what a nice RV Resort!  If it wasn’t so far from Arizona, it would be a great location for the next Hootinany.  These photos are of the RV Resort’s amenities…the laundry facility is adjacent to the “game room”.

Our first experience staying overnight in a truck stop was at the Flying J in Amarillo, TX.  It was…..convenient.  ‘Nuff said.

Our last two nights on the road were spent at the A+ RV Park in the metropolitan mecca of Alvord, TX.  It’s a really cute, SMALL town outside of Fort Worth.  We were a bit worried when checking in the owner advised us that the showers were the tornado shelter, if needed.  Yikes!!  Thank goodness they weren’t needed (as shelters).  We found a wine and cigar venue and really enjoyed spending a leisurely hour or two doing a wine tasting, while Jim enjoyed a cigar.Markers Cellars and Cigars


Finally arrived at our destination, Escapee’s RV Resort in Livingston, TX.  This will be our headquarters.  More about the Park later.Home at Escapees

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