Television Audience!

Fool Us

Jim and I were invited by the Rio to participate as members of the studio audience for one of the Penn and Teller “Fool Us” television shows.  I’ve never been to a taping before, so wasn’t sure what to expect…

…it was very fun.  First they filmed several “audience reactions”….where we got to flex our acting abilities 🙂  One take was simply applause, then loud cheering and applause, then we were asked to provide a reaction to something disgusting. and on and on.  As Jimmy says…what a hoot!  However, after three and a half hours, we were very ready to leave when the stage manager dismissed us.

Caviar and Stroganoff

After our fun at the Rio, we caught a Lyft to the Red Square at Mandalay Bay.  It’s still one of my top five favorite restaurants in Las Vegas.  We reminisced about all of our good times with good friends at the Ice Bar and enjoyed yet another wonderful dining experience…even without pie!


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