Nearly Ready for the Road

Well…the time has finally arrived.  We are hitting the road this Thursday, heading to Lake Livingston, TX.  Fingers crossed that the incredibly bad weather this winter brought is done by the end of this week 🙂

Of course, the motorcycle will be inside the trailer, once we hit the road.  Jim will drive the RV with the trailer attached (planned this time) and I’ll drive the truck. (Once we leave Livingston, the truck will be in storage and I’ll be navigating from the co-pilot seat in the Phaeton…yikes!!)

We plan to take about a week for the trip.  After all, that’s what the full-timer RV Lifestyle is about…the journey.  The first night is Flagstaff, then Albuquerque (with a side trip to Pie Town, NM), then Amarillo, then Fort Worth (and hopefully a Texas wine country tour) and finally the Escapee’s RV Resort in Livingston, where we call “home”.



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