Hootinany – 2018

Jim wrote this email to Blue Steel Justice members just after we got back from Panama.

As we all know, Jimmy tells a great story, (I wish I could embed Roger’s video here, but was not successful) so here’s his take on the Hootinany 2018.

A group of about 15 came up to the Oasis RV park on Presidents Day weekend.  It all started really well with us all going down to the “park area” of the park lol.  Where we played horseshoes and I brought a ladderball game as well as a high end , high flying kite. 

Roger and the kiteRoger put the kite together while the rest of us played ladderball.  If I remember right I was the champion of the park (right Kat?)   

We then tried to get the kite to fly, but just not enough of a breeze to do so.  After returning to our coaches/rooms etc.,  for a respite we met back up at my place where everyone brought something to share and I made some meatball subs. 

Afterwards some more games, stories and maybe some drinks. 

Hootinany Story

The next morning many went out shopping and then we all got together at Marko’s and Kats place for lunch. 

Afterwards a wind came up , so we tried to launch the kite once again, to no avail.  It wanted to fly, but just as we got it off the ground, it would take a nose dive, I believe it to be faulty assembly ! 

Then it was time to watch the Daytona 500 and swig down a cold one.  By this time, the wind was howling.   Dinner consisted of some really good pizza, Thank You Mark-O.

Hootinany Collage

Of course, Roger replied to the “faulty assembly” comment.  I believe he said something about “operator error”??

All in all, it was yet another great weekend with great friends!!


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