Valentine’s Day 2018

I posted on Facebook that this Valentine’s Day was the best ever, but that’s not exactly true.  The best one was the time Jim gave me a week-long package in New York City, including being a balloon handler in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2008.

However, this was a very close second.  My gift this year was a hot-stone massage, and a mani/pedi at the Qua Spa at Caesar’s Las Vegas.  As with most spas, the massage included the use of the steam sauna, the dry sauna, the Roman Baths, several different temperature whirlpools, and my favorite…The Arctic Room.  Once you’re heated from time spent in one of the Sauna Rooms, visit the Arctic Room.  The temperature is probably in the mid-50’s, but when you enter the room the door closes, and it begins to snow!  Seriously…snow!Arctic Room  The nail tech told me it’s the only spa in the US where it snows inside one of the rooms.  Speaking of the nail tech…one tech did my toes while the other tech gave me a manicure…I felt like the cowardly lion prepping to see the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz!  Several Mimosa’s were also served in the Salon….

After this decadence, Jim and I visited a new lounge at Caesars – the bartender recognized us from a previous visit to the Cigar Bar at Caesars over Christmas, so we felt right at home, even though it’s a lavishly decorated lounge.

We then headed for the Forum Shops to find a new place, allegedly cigar-friendly, but that turned out not to be the case.  We stopped for dinner at Carmine’s in the Forum shops and ended our evening at Arturo Fuente’s where I bought Jim’s Valentine’s gift – a new cigar ashtray.

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