Reminiscing With Old Friends

Several days ago, a very good friend contacted Jim via Facebook Messenger, asking us to have lunch.  We’d somewhat lost contact with him over the years, but stayed connected on social media.

I first met Robert Duston while working for Harrah’s Laughlin.  I was tasked with purchasing two-three “RV’s” for use as green rooms for the entertainers performing at the then brand new Rio Vista Outdoor Amphitheater.  I walked into the local RV Sales lot, and was very fortunate that Robert was the salesman I met.  I explained what I wanted, and he proceeded to offer use of three RV’s on an as-needed basis, at no charge, in exchange for prominently displayed signage during the shows.

A few years later, Jim and I were ready for our first RV, so of course we contacted Robert.  We told him what we wanted and he told us what we could afford 🙂  A few weeks later we purchased a gently used Winnebago Adventurer from him.

Over the years, as our lives ebbed and flowed as life tends to do, we remained in contact, and friends with Robert.  We supported him in new commercial ventures and he always supported us with his friendship.

It was wonderful to see Robert again after several years without him.  We spent a few very fulfilling hours catching up with each other.

If you’re ever in the market for an RV, look up Robert Duston at the Wagon Trail RV Sales in Las Vegas.

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