An Evening In Las Vegas

Last week, our very close friends, Bruce and Lin Clark, took the time to visit us for a night.  We took them to our favorite show, “The Bronx Wanderers” at Bally’s.  Here’s a link to their website: The photo below is from the last time we saw the show, and we will see it again before we leave Las Vegas.  Jimmy, Johnny, Bronx WanderersFrom right to left: Jimmy; a very good friend from Wiss-consin – Johnny Nazario; Vinnie – the lead of the Bronx Wanderers; and an unknown person…  I wanted to post some photos from the website here but they were not licensed for reuse and I don’t want to get in trouble.

Bruce and Lin have been our friends for some 30 years.  We’ve vacationed together all over Mexico and Central America and have a lot in common.  Soooo…when Lin texted they were coming for a visit last week, I got very excited.

They arrive early on Friday and stayed at the Silverton Casino Resort, near the Oasis RV Park where we are living.  We caught an early dinner and headed to Bally’s to see the show.  While killing some time before the show, I hit my very first Royal Flush in about 20 or 25 years.  My first one was on a camping trip with Chris and Lori Mauer – I won all the kibbles and bits that day.

We enjoyed the show and headed back to the Silverton for some relaxation before bedtime.  The next day, the Clarks came over to the RV Resort for breakfast and then headed home, but not before we planned our next great adventure which will be in a future post.

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