Hockey, Diva’s, Mecum Motorcycle Auction and GREAT FRIENDS!


We have season tickets to the Las Vegas Knights Hockey games, and so….we went to the game last Thursday.  Unfortunately, my Knights fell to the New York Islanders, but I’m still a huge fan.  To avoid having to drive (fighting the Vegas traffic), we decided to stay at Planet Hollywood for a couple of days.  Beautiful hotel room – the view above is from our room….nice casino (although it wasn’t nice to me) and a great Mall.

We checked out of that wonderful room (did I mention the HUGE soaker tub?) on Saturday and headed over to South Pointe Resort and Casino, where we had arranged to meet Kris and Christine Guffey, and Drena and Roger Felker.  We planned for the boys to go to the Mecum Motorcycle Auction, while the ladies enjoyed Diva’s Day Out.  As it turned out, the Guffeys and Felkers both got a late start.  (Those of you who know them will not be surprised….)  Jim headed to the Auction while I headed to the Diva’s Day Out event.  The photo below is of the line waiting for the doors to open OMG!


After the Guffeys arrived, we enjoyed a bit of the South Pointe Casino (although it wasn’t nice to me either) while waiting for the Felkers

We had a yummy lunch (see photo below of Fish Bowl cocktail – it had four straws!)  The Felkers arrived sometime after 3pm and we all headed to the lounge area to enjoy each other’s company for about an hour.


We rounded out the day at the Double Helix Wine and Whiskey Restaurant, enjoying….whiskey and cigars on the patio.  After eating some delicious food, we headed back to the RV, with plans to meet up for Sunday Brunch.

whiskey and fire


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