National Pie Day – January 23

We celebrated this most glorious of holidays by “whooping it up” in Downtown Vegas.  We have discovered that hiring Lyft is way more convenient, and way more affordable than taxis.  However, our Lyft driver had a flat tire on I-15.  We drove on the shoulder to the Excalibur, where Jim and I bailed out and got into a reliable, dependable, expensive taxi.  Seems retirement mind-set has really set it…neither of us thought about going Downtown during rush hour – heavy sigh.

Our first fun stop was, of course, the Downtown Grand.  What a great joint it is!  We usually win a bit there, and feel right at home.

The photo is of Evel’s Pizza where we had a slice of pie and a beer for dinner.

We had reservations for 7 pm at Downtown’s secret hot spot, the Laundry Room.  It’s a Prohibition-era-themed bar, located in the back of the Commonwealth. The only wat to enter is via reservation, by text.  The outer bar and lounge is very nice, too, but when the hostess opens the hidden door and you walk into a 1930’s “speakeasy”, it’s a whole new experience.   Unfortunately, they have a set of “house rules”, including not being able to take photos.  The bartender was extremely entertaining, and extremely talented at mixing the most unique concoctions ever.  The bar was completely stocked with only liquor and other things that were available in 1930’s America. Unfortunately, vodka didn’t make it’s appearance until the 1950’s (according to Corbin the bartender).  However, after two extraordinarily scrummy delish cocktails, my taste buds were satisfied.

After the Laundry Room, we ventured across the street to the El Cortez.  Jim played machines that actually paid in silver coin…unfortunately we didn’t leave with said silver coin.

We finished the evening with a very enjoyable, and profitable, cocktail at the Downtown Grand and took a Lyft home.

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